Thirty Years Offering Los Angeles Modern Furniture From Italy

Sometimes when you’re not in the market for a specific product it seems like there are plenty of options. But once you start shopping for something particular, it seems inevitable that you find everything but what you need.

If you’ve ever driven down La Brea, or Melrose Avenue, you may not have noticed the tons of stores offering modern furniture. We feel that many of these stores prey on customers who don’t understand quality and are more concerned with what Tom Cruise has or what’s in Oprah’s living room. We like to think that while there are a plethora of showrooms to choose from, Italy 2000 is in a class of its own thanks to our truly stylish modern furniture from established Italian designers at fair prices that reflect the quality.

We are ready to celebrate the anniversary of opening our first showroom nearly three decades ago and thirty years in business. It has been a challenge working to position ourselves among the great brands and spectacular products offered in Los Angeles, but our loyal customers and great feedback only serve to support our reputation for modern furniture and excellent customer service.

If you’re here because you’ve heard of us, and you’re looking for brands like Italsofa or the Giorgio Collection, you can view many of our products online, but still a large number of our clients prefer the showroom experience, where you can feel a sofa or touch a bed that can become part of your room for years to come. Brands like these and others like ALF are only part of the reason people love Italy 2000 and we encourage you to come in and engage in the full experience.

Our furniture specialists will get you what you want. They’ll order it if it’s not in the store. They’ll special order it if it isn’t just the piece you need and they will make sure you leave with exactly the order you came in for.

Browse our online showroom full of the most unique and modern furniture today or visit one of our 3 Los Angeles/South Bay locations and get the furniture you need to complete your home.

We’d like to thank you for thirty years of doing what we love, and we look forward to another thirty years of serving you furniture you can’t get otherwise without going to Italy yourself.

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