Bringing The World’s Best Italian Furniture to Los Angeles

At Italy 2000, we know how important style, class, and design are in the modern home and we are proud to provide the best furniture available in the city of Los Angeles. If you’ve ever watched shows like Entourage, Modern Family or Californication, you may have noticed some of the furniture from our Los Angeles showrooms. It is no accident that set designers, celebrities, and wealthy customers all end up choosing pieces from the selection on our showroom floors.

There is a reason we have been called the furniture store to the stars and the best furniture store in Los Angeles time and time again. If you visit our Sherman Oaks location and visit our manager’s office, you will find countless pictures of celebrity clients like Matt LeBlanc who have graced us with their business and left us small souvenirs and thank you messages. We’ve even had professional athletes shop with us, including players from the Clippers and the Lakers.

But we also realize that just because a celebrity shops with us doesn’t mean everyone should shop with us. The reason customers return to Italy 2000 time and again for their furniture needs is because we know furniture, we have the best selection, and we really do strive to live up to the name of the best store and showroom for furniture in Los Angeles.

We aren’t a conglomerate business looking to make a quick buck, we are an established independent local business who has been passionately serving Italian designs like ALF to our Los Angeles customers for 30 years. We grew from our original showroom to our current 3 convenient locations through hard work and by creating satisfied customers. Our furniture specialists will find what you want, order it if you don’t see it in the store, and will have fine Italian furniture at your home in no time.

We know that our customers want the best service, the best products and the best furniture Los Angeles has to offer. Our staff, our store and our furniture are all of the above.

If you want quality and you want to be treated right, we invite you to visit one of our Italy 2000 showrooms today to see how we live up to our promise and to find the most luxurious furniture Los Angeles has to offer.

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