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Italy 2000 is a modern furniture store in Los Angeles, CA retailing Alf Italian furniture and luxury Italian office furnishings.

For more than 30 years, Italy 2000 has been delivering contemporary Italian furniture to clients in California and the Greater Los Angeles area. We have helped set the standard in luxury Italian furniture for both Italian luxury home and office furnishings.

And now we bring you even better Italian luxury experience. Italy 2000 is now retailing Alf Italian furniture- the modern Italia furniture featuring high gloss contemporary leather chest for bedrooms, dining, and home theater.

Alf Italia FurnitureModern Italian Dining Table

Alf Italian Furniture

Alf Italian furniture is one of the top-quality and stylish furniture for home and office manufactured using superior quality materials and equipped with unique modern designs. Alf furniture is manufactured in Italy by Alf Group-one of the most successful and respected international furniture manufacturers.

Alf Group is renowned for its highly skilled experienced craftsmen and its specialization in producing high-end furniture products for the global market. The company employs innovation and technology to design high quality furniture that conforms to the needs of the customer. Through interpretation of contemporary lifestyles, the company transforms concepts and designs into premium quality furniture products that provide maximum freedom and reliability to users.


Italy 2000 offers Alf line of furniture to customers in California and Los Angeles because of the following reasons:

Made of Superior quality materials 

Alf Italia furniture products are manufactured using the best materials starting with raw materials and finishing providing a high degree of beauty and quality.  Only the best choice of woods for veneer and a wide range of lacquered colors are combined by the most experienced craftsmen to design furniture products that set the trend.

Alf Italian furniture is reliable

Alf Italia furniture guarantees maximum quality and performance over a long period of time. Alf contemporary furniture is designed with long-lasting solidity modular systems to provide reliability and durability. Whether it is a bookcase, bed, bookcase, office furnishing, wardrobe, or kitchen accessories, you can be sure that Alf Italian furniture is reliable.

Made using high-end technology

The premium quality of Alf Italian furniture is the state of the art technology that is used to manufacture them. Skills, expertise and technological innovation are combined in the manufacturing process in producing world-class furniture that customers want.

Alf Italian furniture has design quality 

Each design of Alf Italian furniture is a product of beauty and function.  You get a long-lasting reliable stylish product characterized by a winning quality to price to image ratio that beats all other furniture products in the market.

Italian Quality 

Alf furniture is conscientiously designed and produced in Italy, which means that diligent control is taken in all phases of production and that the raw materials are sourced from top European suppliers. In addition, vast creativity and innovative technology are combined in producing a high quality product that reflects the pride of Italy.

Alf contemporary furniture draws its quality from the woodcraft and craftsmanship of the Veneto region, popularly known as one of the best furniture manufacturing areas in the world.

Italy 2000 Delivering Fine Alf Italian Furniture 

We’re constantly getting and updating new Alf Italian furniture in our stores. Feel free to contact us or enquire about any product 800.656.2000. We’re happy to assist you.

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