Alf Italia Furniture- Modern Italian Furniture| Italy 2000

Italy 2000 is a modern furniture store in Los Angeles, CA retailing Alf Italian furniture and luxury Italian office furnishings. For more than 30 years, Italy 2000 has been delivering contemporary Italian furniture to clients in California and the Greater Los Angeles area. We have helped set the standard in luxury Italian furniture for both Italian luxury home and office… Read more →

Step Up and Drybar coming to La Brea for a very special event.

This month, Italy 2000 is honored to be able to host a very special event at our La Brea showroom.  Step Up  along with media partner Angelino are set to have a morning conversation with Drybar founder Alli Webb, to be moderated by Step Up CEO, Jenni Luke. Step Up Women’s Network is a national non-profit organization that encourages teens to reach… Read more →

First look at the LIFETIME Dining Room Collection from Giorgio

Since 1961, The Milan Furniture Fair has been the premier place for designers and manufacturers to present their latest inspirations to the rest of the world. This year is no exception as an anticipated 285,000 visitors and trade folk from over 150 countries descend upon the town of Rho, just outside of Milan Italy. Every April, participants anxiously await a… Read more →

Update on events in April.

Spring time is here.  And this spring will bring many new and exciting things to Italy 2000. First, let’s take a look at what going on in the business of home furnishing. April 5th -10th All eyes will be on North Carolina for the High Point Spring Market ( #hpmkt ).  This annual event will encompass approximately 180 buildings within… Read more →

Some of the not so common veneers found on today’s modern furniture.

In furniture making, a veneer is referred to as a thin slice of wood glued to a panel typically for decorative purposes. Many species of wood can be adhered to various material types such as other common woods, particle board and MDF panels, but usually the end result is the same; To create beautiful looking pieces of furniture while using… Read more →

It’s Easy To See Why Italian Furniture Is So Popular

The professionals at Italy 2000 will tell you that when it comes to furniture, image is everything…and Italian furniture it the image you want.  Making the right choice of new furniture is important.  That’s why it’s best to go with a place that knows exactly what’s best for your home.   With excellent quality and incredible craftsmanship, it’s no wonder Italian… Read more →

Modern Furniture For The Modern Home

The majority of people looking to redesign their living space are also looking for the best quality modern furniture they can find.  But where is the best place to go?  Most furniture stores in Los Angeles claim they are the spot to turn to, but the truth is, Italy 2000 has been setting the standard for quality modern furniture (with… Read more →

Bringing The World’s Best Italian Furniture to Los Angeles

At Italy 2000, we know how important style, class, and design are in the modern home and we are proud to provide the best furniture available in the city of Los Angeles. If you’ve ever watched shows like Entourage, Modern Family or Californication, you may have noticed some of the furniture from our Los Angeles showrooms. It is no accident… Read more →

Thirty Years Offering Los Angeles Modern Furniture From Italy

Sometimes when you’re not in the market for a specific product it seems like there are plenty of options. But once you start shopping for something particular, it seems inevitable that you find everything but what you need. If you’ve ever driven down La Brea, or Melrose Avenue, you may not have noticed the tons of stores offering modern furniture.… Read more →